How does it work

First of all we have to say, what the component productXport is good for.

  • Let us say, there is some product aggregator / price comparator (i.e. Google product search but it might be any other server), and you want to offer your products through this site.

    Then you need to export products from your e-shop (VirtueMart) in proper format, which can be used for this purpose. This is the  reason, why productXport is here.

  • You need to export products for some other reason (for your B2B customers or other). It is possible to use productXport even for that.

So, go through the way, how to use productXport with predefined servers:

  1. Download latest version of component productXport and install it as common component into Joomla!
  2. Go to the administration of the component.
  3. Select "Global setting". Select the component of your e-shop and klick on "Default" to activate this extension.
  4. Click on the selected component title (i.e. VirtueMart 1.1) to set the details of export. You can see the page similar to1_virtuemart

    Go trough the setting and change anything, if you need to.
  5. Go to the "Server manager"
  6. You can try to click on the link "Download export ... to your computer" of your requested server. If everything is ok, the file is saved to your computer. But(!) this is not the best way, how to use the component... read on
  7. Click on the name of requested server. If your server is not listed, just go to the article Create your own export.You can see something similar to2_server

  8. Most important part of the page is at the top - named "Export URL". There are 2 (or 3 if allowed) variants of URL. Copy this URL to your browser and you can see if data are shown. If so, this is the right URL for export.
  9. Now - go to your requested server (product aggregator / price comparator), log on (we suppose, you have the account already) and in the administration of this server put the URL from component productXport

Thats all